• Project kick-off meeting where we meet you and discuss your needs and plans.
  • Healthcheck Structure Agreement where we define audited areas and appoint people from your team that will provide us with the best information for the Assessment
  • Alignment on your timeline expectations and approval of the schedule.

  • Collecting necessary business and technical feedback provided by the previously appointed people from your team.
  • Analysis of the audited components such as: code quality, performance, infrastructure setup, project documentation, processes, and practices.
  • Summary of all the data in our healthcheck application.

  • An onsite presentation where we highlight the most important findings and provide you with the proposal of how you can effectively tackle them in the next steps.
  • Overview of high-level estimation of the most important improvements.

your outcome


Project timeline with clear context and expectations.

Assessment outcome

The healthcheck assessment in a form of an audit document.


A tangible executive plan on how to solve your challenges to guarantee your success story.

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