Healthcheck in practice is an effective consulting project delivered in a fixed amount of days.

The result of the project is an audit report indicating shortcomings in IT processes and architecture.

frontend healthcheck

Your frontend UX/UI is outdated, lacking consistency, or not serving well your business requirements.
Your frontend solution is hard to maintain and expensive to modify.
You are planning a technology/design shift or extension of your application interface.

backend healthcheck

Changes and improvements to your backend are expensive to develop and slow to release (time to market). The performance of your backend services is blocking your business progress.
You plan a cloud migration.

portal healthcheck

You feel that the development of new portal features is too expensive.
Your Liferay Platform is running less effectively than you expected. 
You are planning a portal upgrade or technology switch. 

Our healthchecks are helping companies overcome technical challenges: 

use cases

Our healthcheck has set a good foundation for developing a digital experience platform. The final report has revealed weaknesses and pointed out improvements that were used to mitigate risks in the earliest stage of the project.

ableneo healthcheck audit has identified architectural problems and in the end, lead to a phased redesign of the monolithic system into a lean microservices ecosystem.

On top of fix recommendations and base migration plan, healthcheck helped to significantly speed-up the decision making and planning processes of the enterprise portal upgrade.

our team

We are a team of engineers, architects and technical consultants who focus on helping organisations change and build new key competences related to process and technology

Juraj Marušinec

Head of Business Development

Gustav Novotný

Head of Technology

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We believe that innovation is not only a question of creativity, but it is the implementation and focus on business benefits that make the change a successful story in the end.

*Accenture, “In the Blink of an I.T.,” 2018.